Do you have a Professional and Impactful CV?

Do you have a Professional and Impactful CV?

Research suggests that the average recruiter looks at a CV for just seven seconds before deciding whether to put a candidate forward for a job.  A professional CV is key to any job search and it can also decide whether or not you get the job you are looking for.

Create a positive first impression!

A strong CV makes you look more professional.  When a hiring manager sees a CV that is clear and carefully presented, it inspires positive thoughts about you as a prospective employee.  A well-structured CV gives the impression that you are an organised person and using concise language can give the impression of being an honest, straightforward and open individual.

A career coach will:

  • Create a CV that creates a positive first impression.
  • Demonstrate that you have all the skills and competencies for the job.
  • Emphasise that you possess the necessary qualities to be an asset to the company.

Be interesting, grab the reader’s attention and stand out from the crowd.

A CV should be well presented and contain all your important information structured in a way that is easy to read.  This CV will inspire the hiring manager to consider your CV above others giving you a better chance of a job interview.

A career coach will:

  • Present all your skills and experience and tailor them to the job.
  • Write a CV that is clear, concise and make every point relevant.
  • Develop a well presented CV that gets you noticed.

Provide information that is relevant to needs of the prospective employer.

A CV should match your strengths to the key requirements of the role and express the value you can bring to the employer. A CV should highlight everything you can satisfy in the role and what makes you uniquely qualified for the position.

A career coach will:

  • Help you understand what the employer is looking for in a successful candidate.
  • Establish what the job entails and write a CV that demonstrates how you match each requirement.
  • Create a CV that presents all your skills and show how they are transferable to the role you are applying for.

Market yourself!

A summary statement or career summary is a great way to provide a hiring manager with an overview of who you are and what you have to offer.  Most hiring managers want to establish what you can bring to the role as quickly as possible.  Your CV should market your value by summarising your accomplishments and quantifying your achievements thereby proving your value to a prospective employer.  Your CV should showcase your skills, knowledge, experience and achievements to help you to stand out from the crowd.

A career coach will:

  • Look at all aspects of your career and write a compelling and relevant career summary.
  • Help you uncover skills that you may not even know you possess and assist you to recognise your hidden strengths, talents and potential.
  • Advise you on how to present and promote your information in the strongest light.

The purpose of a CV is to get the job interview!

You will need to invest time and effort to write a CV that will effectively market you to a perspective employer and secure a job interview.  Why not give yourself the best possible chance and engage a career coach to develop a professional and impactful CV.

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