Time for a Career Rethink?

Time for a Career Rethink?

Similar to our outgoing TDs it may be time to revisit your career.

Does your career use your greatest strengths and passions and give you personal satisfaction, financial stability, challenge and a work-life balance?

Finding the answer to that question is not easy and a career coach can work with you to find out what you really want from your career.

A career coach will:

  • Work with you to identify your strengths and uncover the areas that you are really passionate about.
  • Be objective, provide a fresh perspective on your career challenges and help you to discover hidden talents, abilities or areas of interest.
  • Help you recognise what jobs you are suited for based on your strengths, interests, personality and ambition.  These can be found through general discussion, testing and probing questions.
  • Assist you to explore various career options that can provide greater personal satisfaction, challenge and incorporates values that are important to you.
  • Be your own personal sounding board to help you weigh up and evaluate career decisions and options.
  • Support you to set realistic goals, help you stick to them and keep you motivated to reach them.
  • Work with you to put a long term career plan in place to advance your career, achieve a better work life balance, realise greater personal satisfaction.
  • Link your skills and personality to potential role opportunities as a career coach has knowledge of different industries and roles.
  • Provide customised help for your specific requirements and will be there after each interview for debrief and analysis.

If the following describes you:

  • looking for a new role
  • aiming to progress your career
  • thinking about a career change
  • seeking a new job following redundancy
  • considering starting your own business
  • returning to work after a period of leave
  • unhappy in your role and unsure what to do
  • planning your next career move

Hiring a career coach could be a very worthwhile investment to assist you successfully make the next step in your career.  In hindsight you will consider it a very small investment given the gains, both professionally and personally, you can achieve in landing the right role for you.