How to Achieve an Impactful LinkedIn Profile

How to Achieve an Impactful LinkedIn Profile

1. Profile Picture – Get the Best Photograph

Get a professional uncluttered headshot taken, make sure you are wearing the appropriate clothes or professional attire for your industry.  Smile, people want to connect with a friendly appearance.  Pay a professional it’s a worthwhile investment.

2. Headline Section – Make your Headline Work Harder

The headline next to your name on your profile is set as a default to your latest position’s job title. But you can make it much more than that, make it a statement that explains your core expertise, the benefits you deliver and the areas you work in. You can use up to 120 characters so there’s plenty of room and this section is important in terms of search visibility for recruiters.

3. Industry Section – Are you in the Right Industry?

This section is often overlooked. Consider where you work, for example are you working in the Internet industry, Computer Software, or Information Technology? Have a browse through LinkedIn’s categories of industry to make sure you’ve chosen the most accurate and appropriate.  Check out your colleagues, competitors or customers for guidance.

4. Summary – Showcase your Knowledge and Expertise

Adding a summary to your profile allows you to sum up your experience and share information quickly and efficiently. It should explain what you do, provide some background information on you, and include your areas of interest or specialisms. If looking for a new role, use keywords that recruiters would search if searching for candidates.   Make your profile easy to find as this might be the only section recruiters read so make it count.

5. Contact Details – Make it Easy to Contact You

Share contact details on your profile in plain text, so that people can contact you even if they are not connected to you. The summary is an ideal place to do this and it makes it easy for people to get in touch with you. Check your settings to ensure your profile is publicly visible so it can be found in search engines outside of LinkedIn.

6. Skills – Select the Most Appropriate Skills

You can showcase up to 50 skills and have connections endorse you for those skills. Make sure you choose the most appropriate skills for your profession.  You can edit the skills list to group similar skills together and it can be more effective to showcase fewer core skills.  Skills are now available as a variable in LinkedIn premium search which is used by recruiters.

7. Job Descriptions – Showcase Your Experience

Promote the experience you have and what you have accomplished in each of your roles.  It is important to use keyword rich content and it is also beneficial to include a speciality section for each role.

Make your profile stand out to prospective employers, engage a career coach to develop a professional CV and impactful LinkedIn Profile. For a free consultation contact or 087 2809286.