Tips for Interviews


  • Be prepared for every interview – research the role, interviewers and organisation.
  • Describe your achievements – illustrate your strengths with specific examples.
  • Be polite and personable – to everyone you meet and establish a rapport.
  • Maintain eye contact and smile!
  • Be careful of avoid showing signs of nervousness. Relax and breathe deeply!
  • Try to read the interviewer – listen, observe and get on the same wavelength.
  • Underplay your need for the position – demonstrate a confidence in what you offer not the fact that you need a job.
  • Take a positive view of things – you should not be too modest. Even mistakes can be shown to have a value.
  • Be aware of your worth – do your salary research.
  • Listen actively – watch for signs of interest, confusion, agreement. Make sure you understand the question before answering.
  • Treat the meeting as a sales process – anticipate and meet their needs.
  • Be positive about a past employer – be ready with your reason for leaving.
  • Rehearse – it is important for interview preparation and to build confidence.
  • Be realistic about the odds – there won’t be a positive outcome every time.